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Debian Edu/Etch (aka 3.0) CD/DVD image release plan

The Skolelinux/Debian Edu release is closing in, and we have at the
moment 9 bugs with priority 1 or 2, which we indend to fix before we

Before we release, we need to decide which images we are going to
include in this release.  Thanks to recent work, we now have the
option of releasing a single DVD with several architectures supported,
thus lowering the logistic overhead of supporting several
architectures.  Because of this, I suggest we try to release with
several of them, the i386 and amd64 ones being the prime targets, and
powerpc being a fair third.  This list of architectures depend on the
approval from the security team, if they are fine with supporting
security patches for our local packages on all these architectures.

If such approval is provided, I suggest we make 

 One DVD for i386, amd64 and powerpc, including all the binary
 packages needed to install all Debian Edu profiles.

 Three netinst CDs, for each of the above architectures, with enough
 packages on the CD to get the programs in the profiles installed but
 without some of the translations and some less used programs.

 One source DVD, including the source of all the binary packages on
 the DVD.

Any objections?  I would very much welcome feedback from the security
team (Finn-Arne, Werner and Steffen) on this.  If no-one in the
security team protest within one week, I suggest we move ahead as if
they approved the plan.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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