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Re: Status on the new release.

On Mon, 11 Jun 2007, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

> We plan to release when the bugzilla bugs with P1-2 reaches zero, and
> we are getting closer.  Here is a small update.
>    1192 cri P2 Etch test is broken.
>    1127 maj P2 kdm in chroot after running ltsp-make-client is not local...
>    1169 nor P2 ltsp network swap leaves processes and swapfiles on the l...
>    1183 min P2 SOUND=True does not work on thin client.
>    1184 min P2 Thin client have no local device support.
> I suspect these are fixed, but the fix need to be verified.
>    1146 maj P2 Need to tune slapd.conf to allow admins to create users, ...
I'll try to verify this with lwat this weekend, I hope this is early
enough... I'm atm short before the exam phase... so I have to learn very much


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