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Status on the new release.

We plan to release when the bugzilla bugs with P1-2 reaches zero, and
we are getting closer.  Here is a small update.

   1192 cri P2 Etch test is broken.
   1127 maj P2 kdm in chroot after running ltsp-make-client is not local...
   1169 nor P2 ltsp network swap leaves processes and swapfiles on the l...
   1183 min P2 SOUND=True does not work on thin client.
   1184 min P2 Thin client have no local device support.

I suspect these are fixed, but the fix need to be verified.

   1146 maj P2 Need to tune slapd.conf to allow admins to create users, ...
   1179 nor P2 unable update nextID

Not quite sure what is left with these two.  They are said to be

   1156 maj P2 Start Page is different beetween English and other languages

This is a translation job, not sure if anyone is working on it.  We
probably need to change the maintenance framework to make it easier to
keep them in sync.

   1185 maj P2 ltsp-make-client failed because of broken dependencies (d...

Not sure what the problem is, but if it is too many non-official apt sources, I'm not sure we want to fix it.

   1149 nor P2 we want source CDs and DVDs

This is still a problem, as no source CD nor DVD is built.  Not sure
why, because some changes have been done to the CONF files to fix it,
but none of the changes have worked.

   1165 nor P2 cdrom inserted on the server shows up on users desktop on...

This problem is a bit nasty, but I suspect we need to redesign the
hotplug system to avoid it.  Not sure if anyone is working on it.

That is it.  Any more bugs we need to fix before we release?

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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