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ltspfs, Floppy doesn't work

On an terminal-server with debian-etch ltsp5 is installed. ltspfs is running, 
CDs and USB-Sticks on the terminals appear in /media/$USER. But the 
local /dev/fd0 does not appear. 

Udevmonitor shows no kernel messages, when a floppy is inserted in the 

I found no documentation how to activate local floppies on the terminals.

Just in the moment I noticed that the floppy and even the local hard disks 
will appear in /media/$USER if udevtrigger is called once on the terminal. 
But after logout the mounts on the terminal-server do not disappear. On the 
next login, there are empty folders in /media/%USER.



Jürgen Vogt
Brasselsbergstraße 42
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Mail: juergen.vogt@arcor.de

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