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[Bug 1183] SOUND=True does not work on thin client.


------- Additional Comments From asc@gmx.li  2007-06-10 17:01 -------
BUG 1036 seems to be a older BUG and solved. Only the rest with the KDE config 
is intresting. If you put this in the next test release I can check it if it 
work. Or the last Report is a better solution? But I do not know how I should 
test this.

On my client:
esdcat -s /usr/share/sounds/KDE_Startup.wav 
works out of the box with etch-test(2007-06-09). SOUND=Y -> lts.conf 

KDE does not play a startup message. 

Kmix does not work.

Some applications may be never work with todays thin clients? 

Can it be better to focus for sound to the DisklessWorkstation?

bye Andreas

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