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Pen and Paper: New class of thin client?

SBC List now has listed 61 Server Based Computing software vendors, 60
Thin Client manufactures and 27 Public Server Based Computing projects
entering the market place to compete for the online business.

My most recent post is a conversation with a proponent of replacing
DRE and optical scan voting machines with a Pen and Paper solution.
Very early on in our conversation I realized that what he was
proposing is a new class of thin client. The Digital Pen is a
surrogate for the mouse and keyboard and Digitized Paper is a
presentation of what could be on the monitor.  An additional benefit
is that the pens ink placed on paper, in its original form, is
extremely achievable. For more information regarding Digital Voting
Paper visit www.votingindustry.com.

Finally, an airline that can extend your laptop battery for the entire
flight even if it is half around the world. Leave it in the overhead
compartment. They have installed Server Based Computing on some of
their Boeing 777 aircraft. Plug your data drive into your USB enabled
seat armrest and be productive.  Well, as productive as you can be
with all your row mates viewing what you are doing.



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