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[Bug 1190] Please add openssh-server-udeb and openssh-client-udeb


klaus@skolelinux.no changed:

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------- Additional Comments From klaus@skolelinux.no  2007-06-08 12:35 -------
OK, the udebs are now on the dvd. But the menu-option (when booted with expert)
"Continue installation remotely using SSH", stops with this:
main-menu[1075]: INFO: Menu item 'network-console' selected
main-menu[1075]: (process:7660): sh:
main-menu[1075]: (process:7660): exec: 1:
main-menu[1075]: (process:7660): /var/lib/dpkg/info/netcfg.postinst: not found
main-menu[1075]: (process:7660):
main-menu[1075]: WARNING **: Configuring 'netcfg' failed with error code 2

Could it be that we are missing the network-preseed udeb?

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