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[Bug 1184] Thin client have no local device support.


------- Additional Comments From asc@gmx.li  2007-06-08 00:34 -------
Yes it helps a litle bit: :-)

tjener:/skole/tjener/home0/asc# cat id.tmp
uid=10007(asc) gid=10007(asc) groups=29(audio),111(fuse),10001(admins),10005

ltspfs on /tmp/.asc-ltspfs/usbdisk-sdc1 type fuse (rw,nosuid,nodev,user=asc)
/tmp/.asc-ltspfs/usbdisk-sdc1 on /media/asc/usbdisk-sdc1 type none (rw,bind)
ltspfs on /tmp/.asc-ltspfs/cdrom type fuse (rw,nosuid,nodev,user=asc)
/tmp/.asc-ltspfs/cdrom on /media/asc/cdrom type none (rw,bind)

But they are not showed under media:/ 

But I have access to the device with konq. under /media/asc/cdrom

I make:
tjener:/ mknod /dev/fuse p  
chmod a+rwx /dev/fuse      

I will check if this is needfull in the next days.

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