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Re: Diskless workstations

On Sun, Jun 03, 2007 at 11:45:03AM +0200, Andreas Schockenhoff wrote:
> thank you for the changes in dhcp.conf.
> I think:
>  option root-path "/opt/ltsp/i386";
> insted of 
>  option root-path "";
> works better for me. 

this is probably due to a bug in initramfs-tools, only recently fixed:


also probably needs the next-server dhcpd.conf option:


> Should the call of: 
> /usr/sbin/ltsp-make-client 
> also be needful in the future?  

i think (post terra/etch) much of it could be incorporated into a plugin
for ltsp-build-client, see /usr/share/doc/ltsp-server/plugins and

live well,

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