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[Bug 1138] We need to check and act on the non-free packages on the DVD


------- Additional Comments From holger@layer-acht.org  2007-06-02 16:57 -------
I dont understand why you removed gcc-4.1-doc, gcc-doc-base, gnupg-doc. They 
are all GFDL licenced documents which we can easily ship.

I think shipping scilab-bin, scilab is safe to. And quite probably crafty as 

The rest I would keep out from the CD, as stated in my mail. 

Just a small remark about the nonfree sun java: debian doesnt ship (the nonfree 
sun) java and gcc together. It might have been in nonfree, but it was never 
shipped with Debian-CDs (as non-free is not part of debian and not shipped by 
debian). (Obviously now there is free sun java, but thats another story.)

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