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[Bug 941] confirm: Needed place for serving global data to clients


------- Additional Comments From ronny@datapart-as.no  2007-05-08 16:10 -------
If i understand this request properly it contains 

1. a new LV for general storage.
   * no problem, 
      what's the minimum value it should be?
      whats the maximum value it should be?

2. a new nfs export for this general storage
   * doable in cfengine

3. a new samba share
   * edit our default samba conf file

4. add the nfs export to the autofs 

5. add the samba share to the samba netlogonscript

I do the same effect today with
mkdir /skole/tjener/home0/common
ln -s /skole/tjener/home0/common /etc/skel/common

inside common i can optionaly make directories for 

i agree that having common storage inside home0 is not strictly logical. but i
feel that keeping it simple is worth that breach.

should i make a new partition for a shared storage ? 


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