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[Bug 1064] confirm: samba configuration needs to be corrected for domain logons


------- Additional Comments From juergen@leibner-net.de  2007-05-08 12:43 -------
Yes, today, no explicit [profiles] share in smb.conf is given by debian-edu,  
nor the correct netlogon and home directives in smb.conf 
But you do not use Win9x boxes. They have different profile stores. So you  
are in a way conform to the actual delivered smb.conf which makes less  
All above should be preconfigured during installation and needs a tool to be  
easily activated by a teacher / admin.  
I see a relation to BUG 941 ( http://bugs.skolelinux.no/show_bug.cgi?id=941)  
which is touched by this too. 
So preconfiguration of the usage of samba at server-side-storage is needed. 
Therefore a concept has to be discussed and written down to rules  
(partitioning, quota, acl, smb.conf, ldap, ...) which places are served for  
usage with samba AND nfs so that a user, whereever he logs in, on a  
WinBox(9x or NT+) or a linux box, gets his homefolders AND the other  
provided storages. 
This touches also the apropriate backup scenario for that storages. 
To write something in wiki would be nice, I hope you do so. 

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