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IRC meeting regarding languages support in skolelinux


I'd like to have a meeting about how can we handle support for more
languages in skolelinux.

Debian supports a lot of languages (the installer is translated to ~60
languages). But skolelinux only supports a few (Norwegian, German,
French) out of the box.

We currently have one CD limitation, but some languages already use
add-on CD for extra stuff. And for now, the answer regarding adding more
languages is "there's not enough space on the CD".

So, I'd like to figure out how can we solve this issue.

Possible offers:
1. Create regional CDs, which will support several languages on each CD.
2. Move to use a 2 CD base for the installation.
3. Limit the space on the CD regarding language support, and produce a
CD for each language. (the size limitation is so the rest of the CD will
 contain the same packages.)

Thu, Feb 22, 19:30 UTC (20:30 CET).

#debian-edu on OFTC

I hope to see many people attend.

Lior Kaplan

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