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Re: 2007 french developper meeting changes

Le Wed, Dec 20, 2006 at 04:36:42PM +0100, Mathieu Duplouy - Cetril [mathieu.duplouy@cetril.org] a écrit:
> Hi everybody
> Cetril wish to propose some changes regarding french developpers' 
> meeting that would originaly takes places on january 8th.
> We propose to postpone this meeting to start on february 18th (or 17th 
> regarding flight schedules) so that we can welcome you during the whole 
> next week
> on  saturday 24th february is the Fosdem in Brussels belgium, we can 
> bring you there and get you back at Soissons on sunday from where you'll 
> get back home
> please note that we will only handle the trip and housing in soissons, 
> you'll only have to pay for the housing in brussels during the night 
> from 24th to 25th of february

An idea : maybe return flights directly from Brussels on sunday may be
arranged, for those traveling by plane (if not too complicated) ?
(which may be more plane-accessible than Soissons ;-)

Dominique Rousseau

Si cinquante millions de gens disent une sottise,
ça n'en reste pas moins une sottise.  -- Anatole France

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