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2007 french developper meeting changes

Hi everybody

Cetril wish to propose some changes regarding french developpers' meeting that would originaly takes places on january 8th.

We propose to postpone this meeting to start on february 18th (or 17th regarding flight schedules) so that we can welcome you during the whole next week

on saturday 24th february is the Fosdem in Brussels belgium, we can bring you there and get you back at Soissons on sunday from where you'll get back home

please note that we will only handle the trip and housing in soissons, you'll only have to pay for the housing in brussels during the night from 24th to 25th of february

wish that could be done that way so we'll get a very nice week

best regards

Mathieu Duplouy - Cetril
52 Bd Jeanne d'Arc - 02200 Soissons
LD : 03 23 76 76 88

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