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Re: January developers meeting including a week end

Marie-Laure DAINESI wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I folow the sgestion of M. Kurt Yrvin and ask you this question :
> Will there be extra participants that could join the developer
> gatherings if it was included a weekend before or after the second week
> in January (8-12th)?
> And do you prefer the 6-7th of January or the 13-14th?
> Please answer us befor the 18th of december for exemple by adding a
> cross in the right field in the table of participants.

I've added the fields to the table. Please add the info.

Don't forget some of us have to order flight in advanced, which is hard
if the dates for the conference aren't final.

> Thanks
> Rgds,
> Marie-Laure


Lior Kaplan

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