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Re: being able to file bugs against debian-edu-doc for tracking issues


On Thursday 14 December 2006 12:12, Steffen Joeris wrote:
> There is currently a build problem of the package in svn and I requested
> some time ago that someone interested in docbook stuff should have a look
> at it :)
> Why not just simply fix that and upload the package as it is and when we

because it's not simple, otherwise you would have done it already?!

> urge an ftpmaster that we need it for debian-edu, I am sure that they act
> as soon as they have time and in the meanwhile we could use our bugzilla.

I completly dislike our bugzilla. And a half broken debian-edu-doc package 
will not make it thru NEW fast. But I would like to start to file 
documentation bugs _today_ or ASAP. And I believe "soon as possible" is 
closer if we go the way with the pseudo-package. 

(And I dont think it's much work for owner@bugs.d.o anyway - I will point them 
to this thread and they can decide..)

Is anybody opposed to the idea of a pseudo-package, all the bugs will be later 
available for the real package too. Openoffice.org has been a pseudo-package 
for a year, before it was first uploaded to Debian - Ganneff told+suggested 
me this today, when I asked him about the possibility of fast tracking 
debian-edu-doc for this purpose.


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