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being able to file bugs against debian-edu-doc for tracking issues


as you know/might remember ;-) I want to package debian-edu-doc to provide 
documentation for debian-edu as a package. At the beginning it should at 
least include the newdriftbook. 

To be easiliy able to collect missing items for the documentation, for example 
how to setup sound with ltsp-thin-clients :) , I think it's a good idea to 
file wishlist bugs against the debian-edu-doc package.

But since the package is not yet in debian, we can't do that. What we can do 
(before the package is ready and gone thru NEW), is ask owner@debian.org to 
add it as a pseudo-package, which will enable us to file bugs :)

Does anyone object to this plan?

On a related note, I managed to build the sarge version of the newdriftbook 
(included the images, but only/at least in the html version, not in the pdf) 
from svn on my laptop now. But I will start another thread about how to 
package it.


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