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Re: sound on DebianEdu 3.0

Petter Reinholdtsen skrev:
[Trond Mæhlum]
I am trying the new Etch based Skolelinux. I added SOUND=true to lts.conf, is there more to it? I did not get any sound on my terminal after this.

That should be enough.  I added KDE configuration for esound to
debian-edu-config, and believe it should take effect when you log in
from a thin client.

Do you get any useful info if you run 'esdctl serverinfo' in a termnal
after logging in on the thin client.  Btw, did you reboot the thin
client after updating lts.conf?

Yes, the terminal has been rebooted. There is no sound, and 'esdctl serverinfo' returns nothing. I have also installed Vagrant's ltsp-localdev packages as posted here some days ago. When I insert a usb-stick, nothing happes. Something must be very wrong here...

I have absolutely no experience with muekow ltsp...

The contents of my lts.conf is pasted below:

XSERVER = auto
XkbModel = "pc105"
XkbLayout = "no" #Keyboard layout. Examples: de
SOUND = True
# ----> End of DEFAULT section ---->

Best regards


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