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Re: changes to the debian-edu tasks

Hi mate

On Thursday 07 December 2006 22:03, RalfGesellensetter wrote:
> Hi Steffen, how are you.
Not too bad actually, thanks what about you?

> Am Donnerstag 07 Dezember 2006 17:43 schrieb Steffen Joeris:
> >    - Remove the dependency against the kdeedu metapackage, we depend
> >      against the individual binary packages
> Is there a list of the packages already chosen? What does popcon say?
Yes, when you check out the alioth svn, have a look into the files called 
cdspacelist-etch* (under src/build/CD-administrator/ ).
There you see how much space they take and on which CD they are.

> There are further educational tools that are not even packaged (but more
> or less free). I know of several java applications that are under GPL
> (jbruch, geogebra/geonext?).
Please fill RFPs for them in the Debian BTS and if you want point us to them.
I am more than interested in good applications, but I probably won't spend 
much time on debianizing new applications before the next release.


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