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Re: Send press release about the free Java announcement?

[Andreas Tille]
> Hmmm, I would delay a press release until you compiled it the
> first time from source on a Debian machine.  It lasted some
> time until Mozilla and Openoffice.org were included into Debian
> and I see no reasons why this should be different for Java.
> Not that I want to disturb your happyness, but just to be careful.

The press release should of course say something about us being happy
that SUN has made the right decision, and that we look forward to
being able to include a working free java implementation on our CD to
provide the schools with working applet support out of the box, and
that we are especially happy that they selected GPL to avoid any
license confusion.

I agree that we should not say that this will change anything short
term, as I believe the source itself will take a while before it show
up.  I believe I saw someone mentioning this taking effect for the
next release i march.  If that is true, we have to wait a bit before
we see any effect. :)

Petter Reinholdtsen

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