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Re: New development machine available for debian-edu developers

[Ralf Gesellensetter]
> Dear Petter, thank you for your work - and for informing us. How
> about the xplanet package? I suspect that user.s.n will be a Sarge
> installation and thus lack the older version that is used in
> make-maps.pl - right? What suggestions do you have how we can use
> the old parameters?

user.skolelinux.no is installed with Debian/Sarge.  I've installed
xplanet as well, but the version in sarge.  My only suggestion is to
curse the xplanet developers for not keeping the package backwards
compatible, and modify the map drawing scripts to use the new command
line interface. :(

> My suggestion to the maintainers of xplanet is to provide two
> different packages (as with rosegarden).

Yes, that might help as well, but I am reluctant to start installing
backports on user.s.n.

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