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Re: Tested etch-cd and etch-cd-test

Patrick Winnertz wrote:
Am Donnerstag, 13. Juli 2006 02:47 schrieb Fabian Franz:
2.6 Kernel did work, autopartitioning was actually working too
Skolelinux is written for schools and people who doesn't know much about linux, so the installation menu has to be as simple as the could be. this is our aim.

It re-partitioned the QEMU-Harddrive nicely, but it never gave me the
possibility (even with debconf priority low) to use guided partitioning.

please enter "expert" on the boot prompt and you will get a normal expert installation menu, but it should work out of the box with lvm (that means autopartitioning with lvm).
So I could not test lvm here either.

i did not enable automatic lvm partitioning. since it depended on things that _hopefully_ came in d-i beta3.


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