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Re: Could someone give a little guidance about the partitioning

Am Montag, 10. Juli 2006 12:55 schrieb Knut Yrvin:
> There are almost 50 persons joining the developer gathering in Forbach
> (France). It started yesterday with a grand opening and speeches from 4
> mayors from four different municipalities. They talks so nicely about free
> software I've never hard before. So the Emmaüs Community has some political
> impact too.
> Anyway we have motivated some developers to do some more effort on the
> partitioner in the new installer. And they ask me where the last test image
> is, and some directions.
> Could someone elaborate a little about where to start, where the daily
> builds are, and whats has to be done?
Hello Knuty!

There are several things, which must be done:

1.) is autopartitioning working in the newest daily-build of etch-tes
2.) is the bug in the installer fixed (the cfengine-run doesn't start, because 
we switched our installer to finish-install, but in etch there is only 
prebaseconfig) so our scripts aren't recognised by the installer. 

3.) figure out, how to fix the second item ;-) (Because I think it doesn't 

I think you should use rsync to sync the images, because so you can update 
them easily.
Here are the images:

rsync -v -P 

if you haven't an old test image you can call rsync withouth the laste 
parameter (yourisoimage.iso). 

Have Fun!!


> Tanks
> Knut Yrvin

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