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still alive

Hi All

I am still alive, i just want to tell u.
I arrived three nights ago and was a bit jetlagged.
Imagine the local admins here are "really strict" and all ports are closed.
I am currently writing this message from a different computer and i will hopefully get my internet access tomorrow, but all ports are closed here and they are using an "authentification proxy", well they just have an active directory with a special microsoft proxy solution here, it is really strange and i don"t know if they even know what they are doing :(
I hope that i will find a way around it, i told them that i am completely useless without having internet access and that i need it by heart, so i will keep on fighting.
But there is some last hope, they are currently using some "linux" machines and when i mentioned debian they knew what it is, they are using ubuntu ...
I am now feeling completely lost, so i am completely sorry for this inconvenience and i will win this fight i promise you, doesn't matter how, but i guess it needs some more time. In the meanwhile please just continue and don't wait for me, Werner promised me to look at my packages, Werner please NMU where it is neccessary you have my complete agreement and i am sorry for the extra work. Beside this real mess it is pretty funny here and i enjoy my stay, now drinking a beer with the locales.
So I wish you the very best and i am looking forward to coming online on IRC again, I just wanted you know that i am fine and that i am still fighting with the local admins (they even told me to install windows XP, but i won't, never .... )


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