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Re: International web pages [Was: Spanish Web site]

sorry I am in a hurry to pack my things to go to France ...

Frode Jemtland wrote:
Tirsdag 13 juni 2006 23:38, wrote Alexander Schremmer:

As discussed in the IRC meeting a few months ago,
international user docs should _*not*_ go to wiki.debian.org.

I have though a bout this for some time. Where do people mean that the international user docs should go, if not into the wiki.debian.org ?

As we discussed that in Erkelenz:

We set up a moinmoin Wiki farm.

German documentation goes to wiki.skolelinux.de
French documentaion goes to wiki.skolelinux.fr
Spanish docuemtation goes to wiki.skolelinux.es

May be this is not part of the farm jet:
English documentation goes to wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu
(This is not fiction ...)

Norwayn documentaion goes to wiki.skolelinux.no
(This is fiction)

Yours, sorry to be so short

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