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Re: Fwd: Re: Administration tools

2006/6/19, Knut Yrvin <knuty@skolelinux.no>:

I am sorry for not replying earlier. I had no connection.

Mandag 19 juni 2006 18:14, skrev Nicolas Pettiaux:
> Launchpad.net is a tool that has been developped by Canonical, who
> manage the developpement of Ubuntu to have a process that is as open
> as possible, while very well comprehensive too. It allows to define
> the specification, see who does what, manage translations through the
> web ...

I had hoped you could elaborate a little of what Launchpad really does.

I am sorry. I'll try to elaborate when I find the time, but also when
I get more about the tools itself. I do only know as much as I can
see. And I find that there are many information available through
launchpad, centralized in one location.

What is meant by "open as possible"?

all the information is widely available on the site to all.

Does users of Launchpad or Launchpad it self commit patches upstream to
the different free software projects?

good question. I do not know precisely. I hope so. I had understood
that the Ubuntu team would do that. I'll check when I can.

After what is said about the
Launchpad is that it does not supports upstream commits to the
different free software projects.

If true, this is an organizational problem that we should work to
address with the Canonical and Ubuntu team and decision makers.

Then that application introduce a
workaround for the Debian Edu project, where the Debian developers
commits directly to the source.

what do you mean by workaround ?

Why does Debian Edu developers commit directly upstream to the source?
That is done for practical reasons, and makes it more easy for e.g
other distributions than *ubuntu to use the applications and
translations made by the developers. There are a lot of free software
distributions out there. We have agreements with Debian based LinEx,
PSL-Brasil and Edubuntu:


Skolelinux / Debian Edu has got a request from the One Laptop per Child
(OLPC) project to ensure that what we does of translations and code
should be commited upstream to the source. The OLPC project is
currently based on RedHat. Skolelinux also want that our effort should
be easily usable for every educational project with free software that
helps and enables the pupils create their own future. It will also
makes it more easy for people to choose Debian as a basis system on
OLPC for the countries that want's that. Then Launcpad seems to be a
workaround ...


After what I've heard this is a spec of an application thats already
developed? The LinEx distro in Extremadura has deployed a pupil desktop
control application for teachers on their 80.000 desktop PC's at > 180
schools. This applications currently works for workstations. I've not
heard if it works for thin clients. The applications is developed by
LinEx after the specifications from teachers. We had a demonstration of
the application at a schools at Extremadura under the Debian Edu
gathering there:


So my question. Is the student-control-panel-completion the same
application thats already in production in schools at Extremadura? Is
it a improvement with additional features, or is it something else?

I did not know this application.  I just found the other one on the
Edubuntu menu

> Everything is supposedly managed within launchpad.net
> is this clearer ?

So whats seems to be a clear cut answer, it's probably not :) So I hope
you could add some more information.

I appreciate all the efforts of all these projects :

Debian-edu / Skolelinux / Linex are apparently all directely debian
based, while
Guadalinex / Edubuntu are ubuntu based, with ubuntu being based on debian
(see http://www.guadalinex.org/modules/news/article.php?storyid=132)

there is redundancy that could be stimulating, but that is also
frustrating as we may redo something that already exists.

I wonder how we could help with more collaboration on all these projects.

Is there also in debian a centralized tool that manage all the requests ?



Nicolas Pettiaux - email: nicolas.pettiaux@ael.be

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