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Re: Fwd: Re: Administration tools

Hello Knut,
(Hi Edubunteros and Debianistas)

Good to hear from you. You are giving some good input, IMHO. I would
also like to know the answers to your "hard" questions! :-)

I seems to me that you are concerned about balkanisation and duplication
of effort.

> Does users of Launchpad or Launchpad it self commit patches upstream to 
> the different free software projects? 

Can anyone shed some light on this?

> After what is said about the 
> Launchpad is that it does not supports upstream commits to the 
> different free software projects. Then that application introduce a 
> workaround for the Debian Edu project, where the Debian developers 
> commits directly to the source. 

What is the process in Debian Edu that allows translators to (easily)
access translation files (.po) and contribute translations? Is there
also a (web-based) tool for that?

If there is, then 'workaround' might even be a too friendly word. ;-)

If not, well, you can't blame Launchpad (Rosetta) for not doing
everything which might be desirable, at once (yet?).


> https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+spec/student-control-panel-completion
> After what I've heard this is a spec of an application thats already 
> developed? The LinEx distro in Extremadura has deployed a pupil desktop 
> control application for teachers on their 80.000 desktop PC's at > 180 
> schools. This applications currently works for workstations. I've not 
> heard if it works for thin clients. The applications is developed by 
> LinEx after the specifications from teachers. We had a demonstration of 
> the application at a schools at Extremadura under the Debian Edu 
> gathering there:  
> http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Extremadura2006

This LinEx "pupil desktop control app for teachers" sounds interesting.
What is the name of it and has it been released under an open source
license? Is it available separately, or only as part of the LinEx distro?

I only found a reference to a "graphical control panel for system
administration" (release notes on distrowatch.org). And a screenshot of
it at http://www.linex.org/novedades.html . However, this doesn't look
like a "student control panel" to me, at first sight.

Anyone from LinEx who could comment?

> So my question. Is the student-control-panel-completion the same 
> application thats already in production in schools at Extremadura? Is 
> it a improvement with additional features, or is it something else? 

Unless the LinEx desktop control app you mention is available, it will
be difficult for the Edubunteros to answer that question. ;-)

Best Greetings,



Philipp Schroeder
DIN15 / Information Architecture & Interaction Design
www.din15.org, philipp@din15.org

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