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Re: Script to keep a history of changes done to /etc/

El Sat, Jun 03, 2006 at 11:20:00AM +0200, RalfGesellensetter va escriure:
> Am Freitag 02 Juni 2006 16:04 schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen:
> > Anyone want to improve it?
> Dear Petter, dear list,
> thanks for publishing a really nice script. I considered it useful for 
> shared administration - and dared publish it also on the German liste. 
> There, we had some feedback which I like to summerize:
> - it is a good idea to keep track of /etc in a cvs (or likewise)
> - rollback is out of question because cvs destroys files' rights
> - another problem of cvs is that is doesn't support links
>   ("find /etc/ -type l|wc -l" returns a number of approx. 600)
> A copy of your script is available as wiki page, so everybody here can 
> contribute to it (I hope you don't mind):
> 	http://wiki.skolelinux.de/Script/EtcCvs

And what about using svk?



Of course a cron script could be added, if wanted.

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