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Re: irc channel move

Steffen Joeris wrote:
> Hi
> I will also announce it here. Within the next weeks irc.debian.org will point 
> to the OFTC network. Therefore we decided to switch to OFTC with our 
> developer channel #debian-edu .
> Please notice that the channel on #debian-edu is obsolete and all important 
> irc devel discussions about debian-edu will take part #debian-edu OFTC. Also 
> the regular irc meetings will be on #debian-edu on OFTC.
> So if you are using irc please switch to OFTC now.

If you, like me, wondered exactly what that means, Steffen says to use
the server irc.oftc.org rather than e.g. irc.freenode.org, and /join
#debian-edu. That should bring back into the nice and warm feeling of
seeing the familiar nicks around you :)

Med vennlig hilsen
Ragnar Wisløff
life is a reach. then you gybe.

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