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CipUX on Alioth and SVN Repository migrated


We are happy to announce the new project CipUX on Alioth was
accepted on 2006-05-18.


CipUX is a framework for adminstration of users, groups, ...  on
behalf of a LDAP server. CipUX has a LDAP abstraction layer and a
shell API so new tasks can be adopted easily. It also has a
graphical administration tool.

CipUX is the standard administration workbech for the French the
German Skolelinux team.

We also would like to announce that the migration of the original
CVS repository on cvs.cipworx.org was sucessfully. The new SVN
repository may accessed by


So please feel free to join this new lively project on Alioth.

We would like invite teachers or other testers to give us feature
requests and comments to make CipUX even better for the Debian-Edu
school environment. We also would like to invite other Developers.

More information on CipUX:
English: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/CipUX
German:  http://wiki.skolelinux.de/CipUX
French:  http://wiki.skolelinux.fr/CipUX

More Information on recent history of the project

I personally would like to thank:

Xavier Oswald, for the work to apply for the alioth project and Lior
Kaplan hints on SVN and both for packagaing CipUX.

Christian Kuelker

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