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Core Tasks / Side Tasks

Dear Developers (both recent and would-be),

some of you might be amused if a user like me starts opening side tasks 
like deleting spam schools from "Testskoler". Some even complain not to 
distract them from core tasks.

After several discussions about creating "Task force teams", I withdrew 
my first idea; instead we set up a wiki page to describe tasks:


It is important to me to make a clear distinction between core tasks and 
side tasks: Release critical stuff should be done by those who feel 
capable to do so and those people should not felt distracted by side 
tasks. The latter should be a welcome entrance point for NEW 
contributors. Personally I plan to get deeper into PHP and Mysql, hence 
I started redesigning the schools chart and made some further maps.
I should be pleased to find further people joining in here.

Also I ask you all for your opinion on how to link tasks with teams and 
contributions: Maybe we should try to integrate those areas somehow. 
Teams could feel responsible for specific tasks; task page should list 
current issues and milestones of work done...

Thanks for your contribution

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