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Edu-Apps: Package list for Debian Sid?

Dear list,

recently, I met Kano on his IRC channel #kanotix (freenode). We agreed 
that his live CD is really edge of development and thus could be 
helpfull to evaluate or present educational software for SLX > 3.0.

Obviously there are plans to release a DVD version of Kanotix, I was ask 
to provide a list of recommendable packages for this edition. Kano 
doesn't take interest in explaining tables like linuxsignpost but 
prefers a plain package list. 

To filter out dependencies (mainly libraries) which should be installed 
automatically, I like to filter my "dpkg -l" (maybe by meta-tags?) so I 
get only the topmost nodes of the dependency tree (call it "leaves").

What is tbe best way to do so? I'd suggest to set up a Wiki page for 
this so anybody can contribute.


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