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Re: Request for SVN access

[Germ van Eck]
> We started our own (internal) project for this purpose, but we've
> come to the conclusion that we can better contribute to
> skolelinux/debian-edu, as our goals are quite common and the
> intellectual property of our own network wouldn't be quite usefull
> anyway.

This sounds very good.  There are two svn repositories in use today,
one on Alioth are used to keep the packages we have uploaded into
debian, and the build rules for the CD (and other stuff as we move
stuff from the original one to Alioth), and one on svn.skolelinux.no
which is the original (previsiouly CVS) repository.

Check <URL:http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/NewContributor> for some
info on how to get access.  In short, you register on Alioth and send
an email to the sysadmins for the skolelinux machines to get access.
Access is personal, so register each person separately.

Welcome. :)

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