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Request for SVN access


About ourselves:
Our company, Eduwijs, does different things, among them are network installation and management. Further we do web and mail hosting, installation of CMS's, customizing CMS's, writing new websites and web applications. We are currently developing a new standard Linux server for a project in Africa, for a low-power and low-license-cost network for use in a school/internet-cafe combination. Next to this the webserver will also be used in the Netherlands for small and medium-sized companies. We started our own (internal) project for this purpose, but we've come to the conclusion that we can better contribute to skolelinux/debian-edu, as our goals are quite common and the intellectual property of our own network wouldn't be quite usefull anyway.

About our intended contribution(and comments) to the project:
- The domain name is not configurable in the default installer, for the company networks it is a but strange to login to domain "SKOLELINUX".
- We'd like to add openvpn support with an openvpn ldap connection.
- Maybe some additional kernel modules for security. (exec-shield etc)
- Samba shares management, with rights etc.
- Make the username manual, this makes it easier for users to remember.
- The "class" system is not very usable for us, but I understand this is a school project. A tree-view would be nicer too I think (like the Novell tree).
- Helping implement the new samba 4 features when it is released.
- PXE remote installation of Linux and Windows clients. Configure based on mac-address etc. Configuring windows to boot from PXE can be quite annoying. Vista won't have dos support anymore. Ideally, we'd like to make a "add this application, add this application, remove this, remove that" click and install system, we'll have to see how much time we have, and are allowed to spend.. Adding rom-o-matic .
- IP configuration during installation.

I've already written a tutorial. http://beheer.eduwijs.nl/skolelinux/skolelinuxtutor.pdf. I don't know how the CMS is managed, I guess I'm able to figure this out, if it is centrally managed, then this is hereby a request to add it to the list of documentation, otherwise I'll probably see how to add it.


Gerben van Eck
Eduwijs BV

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