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Re: Authenticate Mac against slx ldap

Mandag 24. april 2006 13:46, skrev Trond Mæhlum:
> I have set up a Mac mini. I am going to authenticate against
> Skolelinux1' ldap. I am also mounting home0 via nfs. Now here's the
> funny thing. I can only login _some_ users... I have a test account
> that gets logged on and the home folder is available.
> When I try to login myself and som other people here, we can not
> login(??)
> One thing that's common for us is that out username is made up of
> letters and numbers like: abc123. A couple of us also has æøå in our
> names, but not in the username.
> Does anyone have _any idea why some people can log in and others not?
> Regards
> Trond Maehlum

No idea why. But maybe a relevant portion of the ldif from users who can 
logon and users who can't will shed some light on things.

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