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Packages for etch


Maybe sharing work is better :)
I am currently working on our first etch-based daily builds.
For now we have some daily builds, but i am not sure if they will work ;)
The point is that we have a package list for etch right now (I took the old 
Maybe you can have a look at the packages-list and change them?
You'll find them under svn trunk/src/build/etch/pkglist.txt
I think we will spend most of our time on that during the developer gathering 
in narvik (next weekend), so maybe improving the package list now is IMHO a 
good idea :)
Currently I build the cd's with "only" including these packages and of course 
the dependencies. I am not sure if debian-cd complains about missing 
packages, last time I got no error like :"Can't find the specific package, 
aborting ...".
Anyway please have a look and maybe fix something.


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