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Problems connecting another subnet


I've recently set up a Skolelinux server at the school I work at. It's
really a wonderful product! It's so much easier to work with than our
old W2K domain, even though I'm a Linux newbie.

All of the students' computers are on the subnet and work
fine. We have another network,, which should be able to
access the files on Tjener ( as well. However, none of the PCs
on the network can connect to any of Tjener's services
(but pings do work). I've tried adding netgroups and fiddling
with /etc/hosts.allow, but can't quite get it to work. Also, I've tried
searching the documentation and mailing lists, but I can't seem to find
a solution.

Any suggestions? And sorry if this is a really basic problem - I'm still

Mads Hansen

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