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Screenshots from Kongsvinger?, Was Re: Bestix, a new live CD

Duor, cuoŋománu 6. b. 2006 15.31, Conrad Newton čálii:
> >>From RA Peter Voigt on Thursday, 2006-04-06 at 14:28:18 +0200:
> >
> > Am 06.04.2006 um 13:59 schrieb Conrad Newton:
> > >Bestix ...
> >
> > Please tell about the relationship to skolelinux in just a few words.
> Another aspect of the Bestix/Skolelinux relation is the question
> of user interface.  In a post to this mailing list just yesterday,
> Knut Yrvin suggested alternative programs/interfaces for skolelinux.
> One of the best interfaces I have seen is the interface created
> by Trond Maehlum in Kongsvinger (based on icewm with XP theme).
> The Bestix user interface may be seen as alternative suggestion,
> inspired by the work done in Kongsvinger.
> OK, not so few words, but you asked ...
> Conrad
This sounds interesting. 
For those of us who haven't seen this setup, is it possible to make some 
screenshots and put them on some webserver? Perhaps with some short 
explanations on what had to be done?

Børre Gaup

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