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Re: Nicholas Negroponte challenges: Give us lightweight Linux

Onsdag 05 april 2006 16:53, skrev Conrad Newton:
> Problems.  As soon as you introduce any KDE applications, you are
> going to have 150MB of libraries, and a certain degree of bloat.

Yes, thats the case when not handling which literary to load, and just 
put everything thats not in use as the default when starting up. 

But taking care of liberaries thats not in use, the startup time match
even Xfce (with 5 seconds on a 900 MHz laptop). KDE then uses 22
MB. With reuse of libraries when using KDE programs, with no bloated
loading, I believe that Konqueror, Kmail and Koffice could safely be
run with 64 MB RAM without using the swap.


> Abiword has committed itself to supporting .odf as well 
> as .doc, and gnumeric for a long time was considered to 
> be a *better*  spreadsheet than Calc -- maybe it still is.

I don't know whats happens with memory usage when using Gnumeric and
Abiword, but that should be investigated also.

When it comes to use in teaching the teachers says koffice is good
enough, and the MS Word import/export is not important for pupils in
1.-5. grade in the primary school (baretrinnet, mellomtrinnet). The
pupils then learns to combine letters, and write small parts of text
when a regular text editor is the right tool. Then the Koffice has the
simplicity the teachers want. They don't get overvelmed by the buttons
in a fully fledged word-processor or a spreadsheet.

When it comes to 6.-10 grade the more full OpenOffice.org functionally
hits inn. So then we should ask if it's possible for the
OpenOffice.org people to decrease the memory footprint of that system.

So the real problem here is to give the pupils both the possibility to
use something simple in the lower grades, and something advanced in
the middle and higher grades.

- Knut

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