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Re: Bug#309917: please mention Skolelinux next to debian-edu on http://www.debian.org/devel/


www.debian.org/devel still only mentions "debian-edu":

the page says:
A number of these projects aim to create Custom Debian Distributions for a 
particular group of users while working fully within the Debian system. These 

*Debian Jr. Project
*Debian-Med Project
*Debian-Edu Project
*Debian Desktop Project
*Debian-Lex Project
*Debian Non-Profit Project
*Debian Accessibility Project
*Debian GIS Project
*Agnula DeMuDi

I would like to get consensus on this one "now" and close this bug soon. 

My proposal still is to s/Debian-Edu Project/Debian-Edu\/Skolelinux Project/ - 
do you agree or have better proposals ? Or do you think that page should 
remain as it is ?


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