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Re: Small Report of Dev WE in France 18-19/03 ? Work on user administration tool

> Unfortunately I don't have any Moodle-knowledge, but do you know how
> hard/easy it will be to make a CiPux-plugin written for Moodle
> preconfigured for our Debian-Edu/Skolelinux distribution? At least you
> should make sure the students write the configuration part of the
> plugin with this in mind.

This should be addressed to the frensh CipUX Section ...

This is not very difficult to do because:
- Moodle is already an very good international project (that's why we choosed it), which is avaible in english, this work is not to do
- The plug-ins we have made for moodle, were written to be easily internationalized. We'll start the translation of the plug'ins to  english.
- Moodle is avaible directly in Etch, and we use this package for our work.
- The plug'ins we've done are avaible as packages. And we've started to get them into Debian
- These plug'ins are : a white and black list manager for Squid/Squidguard,  A skill manager (this work will be followed in Extramadura) and the user manager. In addition of this work, we've made a nice skin for moodle with the Skolelinux mascot.

Equipe Skolelinux-fr
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