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Why do Debian-edu need Java?

>From time to time, I get stories about Java being important for Debian
Edu.  Because of this, I have spent quite a lot of time helping the
GNU Classpath and Debian Java community improving the state of free
java VMs and class libraries.

Now it is getting good enough to actually run quite a lot of the
available Java programs out there, so it is time to start testing to
find the remaining problems, and report them back to the community.

If your school have a java program or applet that is important to you,
please add it to the recently created wiki page on

If you want to do more, please help test the programs linked in from
the page, and report new problems to the GNU Classpath community.

There is a similar effort going on regarding Flash, but I need to
figure out how to test things before I will promote

Petter Reinholdtsen

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