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Re: skolelinux in Spanish

Hi all,

we are finishing the first part of mEDUXa, based on Kubuntu. We gonna use 
mediawiki for contents. Since both linux distributions uses KDE we gonna be 
able to share contents and experiences. 

When we finish the tecnical work, I'll write in this list to open a discussion 
about how we can colaborate in contents.

I want to recorgnize the great job you guys are doing


El Domingo, 26 de Marzo de 2006 14:15, Pablo Pita Leira escribió:
> Hello,
> I have been in a skolelinux workshop in Gütersloh and we talked about
> improving the services for the spanish speaking community.
> So, first thing is that I have registered skolelinux.es.
> Another thing would be to improve the documentation already available. Are
> there people interested in translating documentation from skolelinux into
> spanish and/or improve the web in spanish ? An idea would be that spanish
> speaking users could access that information without any problem and/or
> contribute documentation.
> And lastly, is there any possibility to host some sort of
> wiki.skolelinux.es based on Moin-Moin somewhere ?
> Let us know ...
> Pablo Pita Leira

Agustín Benito
Coordinator of the companies that are developing mEDUXa, the educational linux 
distribution of the Canary Islands
C/ San Pedro Alcántara nº 11, entresuelo. S/C de Tenerife. España
Tfno: 922 244047

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