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Changed uid of user builder(101->998) on developer.s.n

As part of the service move from developer.skolelinux.no to
administrator.skolelinux.no, I discovered that it is required to
change uid of either builder on developer.s.n or katie on
administrator.s.n, as both had been assigned uid 101.  I decided to
change the uid of builder, and has done this now.  The new uid is 998.

I will use the new builder user when setting up a CD build on
administrator.s.n.  I am copying the debian mirror into the new
machine now, and hope this will be completed in a few hours.
Currently 9.2GiB of 66GiB is transfered.  When the mirror is in place,
we can start working on the CD build.


Petter Reinholdtsen

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