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Ren'Py - visual novel interpreter


I'm packaging Ren'Py, a visual novel interpreter coded in Python and pygame.
It is quite suitable for writing visual tutorials or guided tours about
different subjects, so you might be interested in it.


I have problems with my home connection, so my home server is not up yet. I
hope it is solved for tomorrow so you can have a look at the packages and try
it if you want and see if it's worth using it for educational purposes.

Upstream is very receptive to suggestions.


PS: I'm CC'ing to the Debian Games Team because Ren'Py is obviously classified
as a game framework, and I plan to have Ren'Py maintained collaborativelly
there as soon as I can clarify a couple of things with upstream (regarding the
example included in renpy, not renpy itself).

That list requires manual approval of mails comming from non-subscriptors to
the list to prevent spam, but it will only be the 1st mail you send, I'll add
you to the white list then and there will be no more problems. I'm telling in
advance in case someone prefers to remove the CC from their mails for this

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