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Re: Second draft: Debian-Edu/Skolelinux 2.0 ready for free use!

I have a few suggestions that I didn't want to just change on the wiki.

1. "Thin client support is improved, and configuration of diskless
workstations has been made very simple...."

This has become more confusing. A diskless workstation is a thin client.
Are you trying to distinguish them as being separate here? If the idea is
local device access on the thin client, then isn't that available even on
old thin clients?


Thin client support is improved, allowing full use of newer hardware,
including CD/DVD-ROM, USB-pen, and audio devices.

2. "Since all software is distributed from the Skolelinux servers,
maintenance costs on diskless workstations are still marginal."

My first impression is something to do with Skolelinux servers on the
Internet. I would introduce the word "terminal", and change servers to

Isn't the (software) maintenance cost zero?


Since all software is distributed from the Skolelinux terminal server, no
(software) maintenance is required on thin clients.
I'm not sure about the (software).

3. How about something to do with centralisation of user accounts and
admin? That's what attracted me to skolelinux and away from my plain LTSP

Hope this helps

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