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Bug#356879: debian-edu: Cleanup duplicate relations

On Wed, Mar 15, 2006 at 05:53:17PM +0100, Stefan Huehner wrote:

> > Note that the debian/control file is generated, so the script used to
> > generate it need to be fixed for this change to be permanent.
> > 
> > These isn't much use updating the control file without fixing the
> > script.
> hmm i've missed that script before. I assume that you refer to the
> 'gen-control' script. I can work on this but this tries the apt-sources
> as specified by your 'sources.list.*' files. Some of these point to now
> unexisting sources and i'm not sure what your current sources for these
> are: i.e. 'people.linuxlabs.no'.. Could you please look over these and
> provide information for the current sources. Would be easier to fix the
> script if it could be run ;)

I removed the line containing people.linuxlabs.no as it is
obsolete. It is great if you have time to fix this problem in the
gen-control-script! :)

- Werner

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