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Re: Draft press release: I need speedy feedback

Am Mittwoch, 15. März 2006 00.03 schrieb Knut Yrvin:

Good morning

I don't know if it's to late but I found a little detail. See below.

> Tirsdag 14 mars 2006 23:34, skrev Rachel Elizabeth Dillon:
> > I figured this was my chance.
> If this is OK, I'll post this nice press statement on various lists :-).
> Does somebody else have feedbacks on this?
> -- Debian-Edu/Skolelinux 2.0 ready for free use!
> After twenty-one months of development, Skolelinux has released
> a new version. Skolelinux, the Debian-edu project's Custom Debian
> Distribution, is installed in hundreds of schools in Norway, Germany,
> and other countries. Many municipalities use Skolelinux across all of
> their schools; such centralized operation offers low maintenance and
> operational costs.  Skolelinux is free and open source software, and
> for those schools that need assistance, many commercial organizations
> offer maintenance and support solutions.
> The new version of Skolelinux offers recent versions of popular
> programs such as OpenOffice, Mozilla Firefox, and GCompris -- all in

Its OpenOffice.org and not OpenOffice.



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