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Re: Testing WinXP on RC2

El 09/03/2006, a las 07:14 AM, Ole-Anders Andreassen escribió:

I have 2-3 days next week to do some testing.
Can some one give me some short hints about how to
include a WinXP PC in RC2?

Like Ralf already mentioned, you need to use XP Professional. I don't have a Windows system handy, so I quote from memory.

Use Windows+Break to go to the system information dialog. From there you can change the computer name on one of the tabs. In the Workstation field put SKOLELINUX (I think case is not important). Also indicate that this is a domain (I believe there is a radio button for that). Then press OK and it will prompt you for the domain admin. Put in the username Administrator and the root-Passwort of tjener. Windows will greet you with "Welcome in the Skolelinux domain" after a few seconds.

After rebooting you should be able to select the domain Skolelinux at the login screen. Select it and put in any username/password of Skolelinux.

If you have updated an old tjener you may have to set the password of the user again in order to be able to log in from Windows (I had to do that).

Hope that helps.


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